The Archies Review: Zoya Akhtar’s Movie Reminds of Student Of The Year; Watch It For Star Kids

Zoya Akhtar, who is known for engaging story telling and has given hits like Zindagi Na Milega Dobara and Gully Boy to name a few, has made a brave attempt of transforming American comic book to a Bollywood musical movie. I can say that she has succeeded partially in it! Read on to know more.

The story starts off with Archie Aka Agastya narrating the story of the fictional Northern Indian town of Riverdale, where Anglo Indians live, who have great affection towards India. The residents are happy until things change as Veronica’s (Suhana Khan) father, a businessman and his wife want to build a posh hotel in the place where Riverdale people have sweet memories. It is then Archie, who give up on his dream of going to London, comes together with his band (friends and family members) and protest against building hotel. Watch the movie to know how they save their “green”, passing through the hurdles and minimum requirements.

The movie reminds me of the Student of The Year by Karan Johar. However, this version is good, but not all can watch or like it. Although the story is predictable and very simple, nothing is unique, Zoya has shown the rich and middle class families’ struggles, the adolescents’ aspirations, confusions over their career (as they discuss it with their parents) and love as well.

The concept is excellent, as these days trees have been cut for urbanization and it’s important for everyone to save it. The theme “retro” is nice and the vintage details in the film is catchy, but the songs in between are a bit turn-offs (although it’s musical movie), as I said, not all would like it. Also, songs are just okay.

The main highlight of the movie, is of course, the star kids, who have performed extremely well, Agastya and Suhana are quite impressive in their first attempt. Suhana’s character Veronica reminds us of Poo (Kareena Kapoor) from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, while Agastya reminds us of Abhishek Bachchan (his mamu/uncle). Vendang Raina’s looks and style remind me of Ranveer Singh. Everyone’s costume, retro styling is excellent. I just personally wished Khushi’s hairstyle could have been better.

Verdict: Overall, the movie is okay. I would give it 2.5 stars- for the attempt, beautiful cast and theme/concept.

Cast: Agastya Nanda (as Archie Andrews), Khushi Kapoor (as Betty Cooper), Suhana Khan (as Veronica Lodge), Vedang Raina (as Reggie Mantle), Dot. (as Ethel Muggs), Mihir Ahuja (as Jughead Jones) and Yuvraj Menda (as Dilton Doiley)

Movie available on Netflix