I know that I’m late to get into this league of watching! After a lot of hesitation, I finally made a “brave attempt” to watch it. (why the delay, you will know as you read it. WRITING THIS NOTE IN THE BEGINNING WAS IMPORTANT)*

Action-drama Animal starring Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna, Tripti Dimri, Bobby Deol and Anil Kapoor in the lead roles, is directed and edited by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, who has also co-written the screenplay along with Pranay Reddy Vanga and Saurabh Gupta.

To be honest, there is nothing much to say about the story. Saying the film is about father-son love will be totally wrong, because this is not how you show your love to parents (or father). The film also has a love story, a little drama and a “loootttt of violence”. I won’t say that the director has done a “brave attempt” because it would be wrong to other filmmakers who have portrayed concepts uniquely. The whole movie has a lot of violence- back to back killing, bloodshed anddddd… unnecessary kissing scenes and an intimate scene with the other lead of course. The director has tried to show the story in a complicated way, thinking this would be unique, but it’s more confusing and complex (not that I didn’t understand. It’s like, when you can show things directly, why complicate things to just show off and prove smartness).

So coming to the main storyline- father-son love, it’s not just this that’s shown in a wrong way (Who will kill 100s of people for his father, when his own father doesn’t prefer violence, and had in fact, punished him initially by sending his son away from him when he made a mistake), even love for women is shown in a wrong way [Who will make love in private jet by putting it on autopilot mode? Punishing wife for talking to mom in their mother-tounge by pulling bra stripe (like really???)!!] Forget loving wife… even other women in the film/story are not treated properly (man, which century are you in? Or do you want the System to go backwards)- the hero’s mom is given least importance not just by her own husband but by her son as well (mind it, kids learn what they watch in their childhood!). Also, as per the film, the definition of wife is- cooking, looking after home, kids and their men, no matter what. Also, the other woman is treated even more worst- Buying a royal car by showing the color of love bite (to a few men) and explaining it and saying that she will cooperate with them if they are confused with color!!

Ranbir’s character Ranvijay in the film promises his wife (played by Rashmika) that he won’t cheat her, but later he cheats on her justifying that he knew that the lady with whom he cheated was an enemy and wanted to get information from her (so he got intimate with her). Adding to this, he even tells his wife not to marry anyone if he doesn’t return (what sort of love, behavior and explanation or excuse is this?) Geetanjali’s dialogue when Ranvijay cheated on her is both irritating and hilarious, who asks husband if he wore con**m when he had s*x with the lady? (Facepalm)

Coming to the violence part of the film. BOSS!! Which world are you in? You fight with 100s of men (the men had many chances to kill the hero, but didn’t) and there is no police to question after the massacre! Also, too much of unnecessary bloodshed. The filmmaker has tried to explain animal’s instinct that it will kill its prey without mercy but got overboard. I’m sure that many viewers would feel that animals are better than this (read between lines), after watching the film.

Okay, now the actors performances- Well, you cannot doubt the cast as everyone has given their best. With this movie, Ranbir has proved that he can ace “ANY” character with ease. He is just excellent.

Rashmika is good in south movies, but when it comes to Bollywood, it looks like she tries hard to do something new, which doesn’t come out right. Her dialogue, most of which are angry ones, are not audible (as she has clenched her teeth and spoken).

Tripti and Bobby had small but impressive roles in the film. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to go deeper in these actors’ roles’ explanations.

Coming to songs of the film, which are the only second best thing in the movie. All the songs are extremely good and you would want to listen to them in loop (but for this, you need not watch the movie, YouTube or Spotify are enough). ‘Jamal Jamaloo Kudu’ Aka ‘Jamal Kudu’ song, an adaption from a poem written by famous Iranian poet Bijan Smandar, has become viral on social media and is playing everywhere so much that you will be fed up of the song.

Lastly, why I delayed watching and why i watched it…

After watching a few clips on Facebook and Instagram, I decided not to watch as that almost gave a gist of the movie and I didnt want to waste 3.5 hours watching it in theatre. But somehow gave it a try at the end “just to write the review” (I’m sure that most of them would have watched the film to just see how bad or violent it is).

As per definition (in human, if I’m not wrong), alpha males means successful and desirable men. The film tries to justify it by showing it in terms of animal of course (as per the title). This sets a bad example for youths especially who are already on bad route, this could encourage them. They will think themselves as a “HERO” by being toxic misogynistic and violent. Already world has become toxic with few such people, why make it worse?

Misbehaving with female, especially with your own wife and cheating, and then explaining that you did it for a reason is just not done!

Verdict: Do not watch it (IN BOLD CAPS)- (I just hope reverse psychology doesn’t work here 😃). Instead of getting headache by watching violence or screwing your head by watching the anti-hero/other male characters of film misbehave with women and talking rubbish about menstruation and other things, have fun with friends in cafe or watch other feel good movie on Netflix for free!

I wouldn’t give a single star for the film.Those who are waiting for its Netflix release, which will be even more lengthier (I guess) – mark my words, keep dart (headache pills) by your side. You cannot stop yourself from forwarding the scenes, trying to find good thing to watch in the film!

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