You don’t have to understand life. You have to live it. Yes!! I completely agree with it, especially after reading the book. And those who feel unloved, feel they have lot of regrets in their lives, are guilty and feel that they do not want to live. This book is definitely for YOU!!

I’m glad I picked this book up as it is entirely different from what I read before not a fiction or drama or even just inspirational… A fantasy novel, which comes with a lot of motivation to live life.

I wish I had gotten to read this few months before. Because I felt my life is full of regrets and wanted something more from it. But I’m happy that I got to read it now. Because I don’t want to have any regrets and I feel ALIVE! (You will know as you read it).

It’s about a young girl Nora Seed, who has lost almost everything, feels unloved, is unhappy with her life, her choices in life and has a lot of regrets. She was good at a lot but ends up being ‘nothing’ and she calls herself ‘unsuccessful’. She feels a failure, and to be precise, she doesn’t even know what she wants in her life! The story is about the girl and about the day she decides to take her life and ends up in the ‘midnight library’, which is situated between life and death. Her life is just like-Schrödinger’s cat/dog. You will begin to start believing in the multiverse, yes the other world! Read this amazing book to know what happens to Nora Seed.

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